Median Klinik St. Georg Bad Durrheim
Bad Durrheim, Germany

Gartenstrabe 11 und 15
78073 Bad Durrheim

Web address:

Licensed Beds: 116 

Facility Type:  Inpatient Rehabilitation Facility

Operated By:  RHM-MEDIAN

St. Georg Klinik in Bad Durrheim, Germany, is a 116 bed facility that specializes in Psychiatry, Psychotherapy, and Psychosomatic medicine treating a variety of mental illnesses including depressive disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder and psychosomatic consequences of burnout. The treatment is aimed at helping the patients learn to help themselves and live their own lives.

At St. Georg the patients stay in double and triple room units which have a private bathroom and balcony, and for a small fee, a television and telephone connection. The facility has specially equipped rooms for art, music and movement therapy. Outside of therapy are living rooms in which the patients may spend their leisure time and socialize with other patients. The facility provides outdoor seating areas, table top sports, and access to a nearby park.

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