Klinik Burg Landshut
Bernkastel-Kues, Germany

Kueser Plateau
54470 Bernkastel-Kues

Web address:  http://www.median-kliniken.de/de/standorte/median-reha-zentrum-bernkastel-kues/kliniken/median-klinik-burg-landshut/klinikprofil/

Licensed Beds:  250

Facility Type:  Inpatient Rehabilitation Facility

Operated By:  RHM-MEDIAN Kliniken

Median’s Klinik Burg Landshut is a 250-bed rehabilitation hospital specializing in neurology, psychiatry and psychosomatics. The facility offers trauma therapy and certified diabetes training, among other programs.

Patients stay in single rooms with private baths equipped for various disabilities.  The hospital’s goal is to make these facilities like a second home.

For leisure activities on the hospital grounds, patients have access to a cinema, newsstand, gift shop and a mini golf course, as well as a variety of programs for patient participation. The facility, which is surrounded by nature, offers many beautiful scenic views.

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