Franz-Alexander Klinik
Nordrach, Germany

Im Dorf 44
77787 Nordrach

Web Address:

Licensed beds: 34

Facility Type: Inpatient Rehabilitation Facility

Operated by: RHM- MEDIAN Kliniken

MEDIAN’s Franz-Alexander Klinik in Nordrach, Germany, specializes in psychiatry and psychotherapy treating patients with a broad spectrum of disorders including: depression, bipolar disorders, trauma, and anxiety disorders. This 34-bed inpatient rehabilitation facility is located in the Black Forest, naturally providing a relaxing environment for their treatment and recovery.

The Franz-Alexander “Bettenhaus,” built in 2010, provides patients with modern, spacious and tastefully decorated rooms and a variety of amenities. Large balconies with chairs give patients excellent views of the surrounding meadows and hills.

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