Klinik Hohenlohe
Bad Mergentheim, Germany

Lothar-Daiker-Straße 1
97980 Bad Mergentheim

Web Address: http://www.klinik-hohenlohe.de/

Licensed Beds: 211

Facility Type: Rehabilitation

Operated by: RHM Klinik-und Alterheim-betribe B.V. & Co.KG (“RHM Hospital Group”)

Located in Bad Mergentheim, a German spa town in the middle of the Tauber Valley, Klinik Hohenlohe is one of the largest rehabilitation hospitals in the Main-Tauber-Area. The hospital is situated amid attractive scenery, close to the Tauber River. The city is a popular resort destination, providing a relaxing stay for visiting tourists.

Klinik Hohenlohe specializes in orthopedic care, but RHM is focusing the hospital to be a leader in geriatric rehabilitation. Based on the latest demographic trends, geriatric rehabilitation is a growing segment of the industry. Within a 50 km radius, Klinik Hohenlohe is the only hospital offering geriatric rehabilitation.

Klinik Hohenlohe celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2013 and RHM completed an extensive renovation to upgrade the interior. The result is a modern medical facility that resembles a first class hotel, with a new lounge for private guests and a renovated restaurant.

The hospital provides many recreational options for patients, both within the hospital grounds and in the scenic town of Bad Mergentheim. Features include a swimming pool, fitness center, physiotherapy treatment rooms, lecture halls, seminar rooms and a teaching kitchen, where patients are taught about proper nutrition. These facilities accommodate patients and the services prepare them for a healthy lifestyle following rehabilitation.

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