Psychotherapeutische Klinik
Bad Liebenwerda, Germany

Dresdener Straße 19
04924 Bad Liebenwerda

Web address:

Licensed Beds: 122

Facility Type: Rehabilitation

Operated By: RHM Klinik-und Alterheim-betribe GmbH & Co. (“RHM Hospital Group”)

Since opening its doors in 1993, the Psychotherapeutische Klinik has been helping patients recover from addiction through inpatient rehabilitation treatment programs typically lasting three months. There, a multi-professional team employs both psychological and behavioral approaches, working with patients and families to help patients achieve an addiction-free life.

Located in the spa town of Bad Liebenwerda, this 122-bed facility is operated by the RHM Hospital Group, providing care to patients of all ages. Parents are often engaged in treatment programs of younger patients, which helps patients when they return to the challenges associated with home, work, and social life.

Patients are afforded a multitude of recreational activities at the facility and in the resort town of Bad Liebenwerda, which has proven to be an ideal setting for helping patients acclimate to a drug-free lifestyle.

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