Klinik Sonnenwende
Bad Durkheim, Germany

Sonnenwendstraße 86
67098 Bad Durkheim

Web address: www.klinik-sonnenwende.de

Licensed Beds: 124

Facility Type: Rehabilitation

Operated By: RHM Klinik-und Alterheim-betribe GmbH & Co. (“RHM Hospital Group”)

Klinik Sonnenwende is a 124-bed rehabilitation facility specializing in the treatment of psychiatric and psychosomatic disorders. Using methods of psychiatry and psychotherapy, the Klinik treats eating disorders, dependence disorders, psychosis, affective disorders and organic disorders, such as dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Treatment teams of therapists and nurses staff the facility 24-hours a day, ensuring the highest quality of care. These teams are directed by doctors specializing in psychiatry, psychotherapy, neurology and internal medicine.

Klinik Sonnenwende is situated on a hill overlooking the spa town of Bad Dürkheim in the northern Alps, between the Palatinate Forest Nature Park and the vineyards along the German Wine Route. This picturesque setting, coupled with its well-trained and highly respected staff, makes Klinik Sonnenwende an ideal choice for rehabilitation.

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