The market for healthcare real estate is extensive and includes healthcare facilities owned by a variety of healthcare operators. As a self-advised healthcare REIT, Medical Properties Trust focuses its investment strategy on acquiring and developing net-leased facilities designed to reflect the latest trends in efficient healthcare delivery. The types of healthcare facilities for which Medical Properties Trust provides real estate investment capital include:

Rehabilitation Hospitals

Rehabilitation hospitals provide inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation services for patients recovering from multiple traumatic injuries, organ transplants, amputations, cardiovascular surgery, strokes, and complex neurological and orthopedic conditions, among others.

Long-Term Acute Care Hospitals (or "LTACHs")

Long-term acute care hospitals provide patient care for extended hospital stays, generally lasting at least 25 days, for medically complex cases.

Ambulatory Surgery Centers

Ambulatory surgery centers are usually freestanding facilities designed for "same day surgery," which means patients come in to have surgery, then spend a short time recovering at the center before returning home on the same day to complete their recovery.

Women's and Children's Hospitals

Women's hospitals, or women's and children's hospitals, serve the special needs of women for obstetrics, gynecology and other women's healthcare services while also providing neonatology, pediatrics and other services for their children.


Regional and Community Hospitals

Community-based or regional facilities are general medical and surgical hospitals.  These are often the only hospital provider within a specific market area, or one that benefits from the involvement of a significant number of local physicians.

Medical Office Buildings

MPT provides real estate investment capital for medical office buildings that are adjacent to, or integrated with, other healthcare facilities that the company is financing.  Such medical office buildings generally are, or will be, master-leased.

Other Single-Discipline Facilities

MPT also invests in single-discipline healthcare facilities, including cardiovascular hospitals, ophthalmology centers, orthopedic hospitals and cancer centers, among others.